My Work Space

IMG_0856As promised last week this is my work setup.  I sometimes use Ubuntu running in a virtual machine but most of the time I do my Ruby on Rails development in OSx on my Macbook Pro. This is my development setup.

The 19″ monitor in the middle normally runs an iTerm2 session full screen anytime I’m at the computer. I like keeping it open even when I am not doing development work as it reminds me of my UNIX dev experiences early in my career. Or course, it gets heavy usage when I am developing a Rails application. I just love being back into a UNIX like environment. It just feels so natural and familiar getting back to my roots. Since the photo was taken (about 2 weeks ago) I have raised the height of the monitor so that it aligns with the other monitors.

The 27″ monitor on the left is running a instance of Sublime Text 2 full screen. That is where I do my coding and its a quick three finger swipe on the Magic Mouse or the Trackpad to switch to a browser for testing. Sublime has become my editor of choice as I can use it in both OSx and in Ubuntu. I’m still learning my way around the interface figuring out all of the power user commands as my ultimate goals is to not use the mouse. For simple stuff when I’m in a terminal session I use Nano as it is included with the bash shell. Sometimes I use Vim as I know that I need to learn it but I’m putting that off for a future learning project.

The 27″ monitor on the right is where I keep any videos or tutorials I am using. It is also used for documentation or application specs and design docs along with email or any other application I may need during my development.

This is where I spend the bulk of my day. If I’m not actively coding I am reading tweets or blog posts related to Ruby on Rails topics. I also have several email lists that I participate in. And, being a true southerner (born and raised) there is usually a glass of sweet tea on the desk.

I want to mention another tool I use: Safari Books Online which gives me access to just about any computer related book or subject that I need. I always have several books in my queue that I am reading. My current book projects are The Art of Unix Programming and The Rails 4 Way.

In case you are wondering the window looks out over the pool and the lake so when I get stumped I can just look outside and concentrate on my problem. That and Stack Overflow usually solve all of by coding problems, But if they don’t I have a great bunch of guys at RubyJax that I can fall back on for help.

My goal is to blog at least once a week so I’ll see you next week. IN the meantime comments or suggestions are welcome and I would love to see your home office setups.